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“Our quality activities support
the entire spectrum of our
products, from the initial
RFQ/design phase right to
the end of the life cycle of
our supplied product.”

- Dominic, Accucam QA Manager

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Accucam has modern manufacturing equipment and QC Labs in our North American and Asia facilities, while our global supply partners enhance our operations to optimally serve OEM customers, worldwide.

Manufacturing and
QC Equipment

Accucam has a large variety of CNC Horizontal, Vertical and Turning machines in our Canadian and overseas facilities. We also have QC Labs to ensure quality is maintained at high levels at all times.

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Accucam is well equipped to handle low to medium volume machining operations. We have invested in various other types of machining and fabricating equipment to offer our OEM customers a diverse range of solutions.

The Quality Control laboratories are also furnished with their own assortment of inspection equipment to handle a wide variety of customer requirements.

Download our full equipment lists below:

North America Equipment   Asia Equipment

Strategic Supply

At Accucam, strong supply partnerships open lines of communication, offer transparency, increase efficiencies, and help to achieve common goals and optimal results.

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Accucam’s network of Qualified Supply Partners for various procurement and outsourcings are paramount to enhancing operations. This network allows us to provide quality castings, forgings, painting, plating and heat-treating. The benefit to our OEM customers is optimized costs, improved service and quality, and continuous innovation.

Accucam supplements our processes by collaborating with supply partners for various operations, including:


We know that OEMs have various needs. So we have invested in processes that allow us to machine custom components, cast parts in a variety of ways, provide finishing and treatment solutions, and test all products for optimal quality in our QC Labs.

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Custom Precision Machining

Accucam is a global leader in supplying precision-machined components. From machined bar stock, to complex castings, our robust systems ensure accuracy, dependability, diversity and quality. Fitting our machines with a variety of attachments allows for a number of operations to be performed.

We have a variety of CNC machining capabilities that include Vertical/Horizontal Milling, Drilling and Turning.


  • Investment casting
    • Investment casting (silica sol process)
    • Combination process (silica sol – sodium silicate)
    • Water glass
  • Sand casting
    • Resin bonded (shell and flask) sand casting
    • Green sand casting
  • Aluminum
    • Low pressure die casting
    • Gravity pour casting

Finishing & Surface Treatments

Accucam provides finishing and surface treating including Plating, Painting, Cleaning, Blasting, Baking and Heat Treating.

Other Services

Additionally, Accucam offers services to OEMs that include Splining, Broaching, Assemblies, EDM, Grinding and Weldments.

Quality and Environmental Policy

Accucam and its employees are committed to complying with regulatory, customer and internal requirements, and continually improving their quality and environmental management systems to support the needs of our customers.


It is Accucam’s policy to provide 100% sound parts and 100% on-time delivery using cost-effective solutions. To support this, Accucam has developed and implemented a business management system which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. Click below to download our certification PDFs.

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate
QEM ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate

Controlled Goods:

We are also registered with the Controlled Goods Directorate of Canada. Click below to download our certification PDF.

Controlled Goods Certification

Environmental Responsibility:

It is our policy to protect the environment, so we have developed and implemented a business management system which meets the requirements of ISO 14001. Click below to download our certification PDF.

ISO 14001: 2015

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