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Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

Accucam has a technical team capable of creating and solving complex design, engineering and manufacturing solutions. Our OEM customers have access to these specialized services, in addition to our supply chain management system.

Product Design for Manufacturing and Product Modelling

Accucam will work collaboratively with you to develop your product concept into a cost-effective, manufacturing-friendly design. We will assist in material selection and manufacturing process selection (investment casting, sand casting, die casting and forging), and then apply best practice design principles to create a best-cost solution for your design. Whether the starting point is a casting concept or a fabricated weldment design, our engineers will help get your product design to the finish line. Products can range from 0.01kg to 160 kg with annual volumes from 500 up to 275,000 pieces.

Engineering Analysis – Casting Simulation

The transient, non-linear physics involved in filling a mold and solidifying the molten metal are very complex. Casting simulation provides insight to these processes and allows for the prediction and avoidance of certain defects. The casting simulation program used by Accucam is the industry-leading Magmasoft software. Magmasoft is an essential tool in the development of new cast components, as it can be deployed to optimize yield and reduce scrap, even before cutting tooling to make parts. Spending the time to virtually develop a gating and riser system for a casting can repay itself many times over in the time and cost saved by making physical trials.

 Prototyping & Testing

Accucam provides multiple options for prototyping and validation. Working with our foundry and forging supply partners, we can supply initial parts using rapid prototyping techniques or samples using production-intent processes and tooling – to match your cost and timing goals as closely as possible. Component validation is a combination of in-house and procured services: chemical analysis, microstructural analysis, tensile testing, salt spray corrosion testing, magnetic particle inspection, x-ray, ultrasound, and dimensional verification (coordinate measuring machine, hard gauges, 3D scanning).

 Value Manufacturing Selection

At the conclusion of a successful Design-for-Value collaboration, Accucam is positioned to supply a finished component with any number of finishing steps. Our network of value and precision sources allows us to create the best value machined casting or forging for your application. We then manage the remainder of the component value chain so you only need one point of contact. Finishing services include heat treatment, assembly, welding, brazing, cleaning, plating, painting, coating, inspection, and shipping logistics – we can do it all for you.

Your Trusted OEM Partner

We work with internationally recognized OEM brands to help them achieve high quality components at a reduced cost. With factories in North America and Asia, and strategic partnerships around the world, Accucam is a key, global, OEM partner.

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