A wholly-owned global company serving OEMs since 1987.

North America +1 519 740 7797

Asia +86 532 6696 2067

A trusted OEM partner for castings, machined components and assemblies through our Continuity™ system.

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“Accucam is dedicated to providing quality, service and creative solutions. We strive to deliver products on time and to your specifications with personalized service and competitive pricing. Our talented technicians have the passion and skills to meet and exceed your expectations.”

- Matt, Production Supervisor

“In addition to typical administration duties, our administration team supports customer with a wide variety of services and keeps contributing assistance to new projects as the company grows.”

- Haylee, Accucam Administration

“Accucam Product Engineering is the bridge that connects our customer’s functional product design with the requirements of cost-effective, real world manufacturing processes.”

- Clayton, Product Engineering Manager

Accucam is a trusted OEM Partner.

We work with internationally recognized OEM brands to help them achieve high quality components at a reduced cost. With factories in North America and Asia, and strategic partnerships around the world, Accucam is a key, global, OEM partner.

Accucam opened a China facility in 2005 to compliment our world-class manufacturing partnerships and further enhance the confidence we’ve instilled with our OEM customers.

Accucam Facilities

• Cambridge, Canada
• Qingdao, China

Countries Served

• Canada
• Mexico
• Brazil
• Argentina
• France
• Germany
• Sweden
• Czech Republic
• China
• Hungary
• Russia

Adding Value - Example #1

Cost Reduction

By changing one dimension, adjusting the surface finish from 6.3 to 12.5 µin and the casting tolerance from CT6 to CT9, we were able to achieve and provide a cost reduction to the customer with a 30% savings.

Adding Value - Example #2

Design Change for Manufacturing

Accucam offered a modified design change; from a high complexity non-castable part, to a lower cost, manufacturable design. This design suggestion and subsequent change, allowed the customer to meet their program timeline.

Adding Value - Example #3

Fabrication to Casting

Accucam is an integral part of assisting customers with many of their fabrication to casting needs. In this example, the customer presented a Steel Silica sol Precision Investment cast product. Accucam proposed to use the Combination Investment cast process and further assisted by suggesting adjusted tolerances, different from the original design. An overall savings of 30% was able to be passed onto our customer.

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