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Global Supply Chain Management

Our start to finish, a sophisticated supply chain management system provides our OEM customers with confidence and value.

  Forecasting & Demand Planning

With the growing demands of our valued clients, we are continually taking measures to ensure our software and systems are the most up-to-date to support the varying modes of incoming data, which allows for clear visibility of production planning. Our Scheduling and Procurement departments specialize in analyzing customers’ requirements individually and ensure demand is closely managed.

 Global Sourcing

Accucam is pleased to manage and offer global sourcing for several of our customers’ needs. Our strong partnerships with manufacturers worldwide allows for the opportunity to provide diverse OEM products at an exceptional value, in turn generating a competitive advantage. With our Global Sourcing Department, we manage and eliminate the barriers that many companies face, such as minimum order quantities, capacity restrictions, freight expenses, transport and customs.

Order Fulfillment & Management

Accucam’s methodology to order fulfillment and management is geared towards an individual customer approach. Our Customers are carefully matched to an Account Manager that specializes in their respective industry or product type to aid in a strong working relationship. Using a one-on-one structure, you can be rest assured that your account will be treated with upmost importance, every time. The support system continues, with our experienced Administrative Staff whom complement the Account Managers, and strive to ensure every transaction is a smooth transaction.

Warehousing & Inventory Management

Accucam is equipped with a warehousing facility specially adapted to suit each of our customer’s needs. Inventory management is of upmost importance to Accucam, as it provides the backbone to successful supply chain management.

Logistics Management

Accucam has access to a wide network of global transportation solutions to ensure confidence in our worldwide shipments. Our facilities are equipped with easy to access loading docks, for every type of incoming and outgoing shipments, from a sprint carrier to a full container load.  Our Shipping and Receiving departments are instrumental in supporting our supply chain.

Your Trusted OEM Partner

We work with internationally recognized OEM brands to help them achieve high quality components at a reduced cost. With factories in North America and Asia, and strategic partnerships around the world, Accucam is a key, global, OEM partner.

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