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Heat Treatment of Steels, Part 1

Engineering applications of steels have required continuously more demanding levels and range of performance, with complementary lower costs. Thus, steel materials continue to be successfully developed via both alloy chemistries and corresponding processing technologies to provide enhanced properties and behavior in application.

The array of metallurgical structures and corresponding properties which can be achieved in steel alloys is very broad. This is possible due to the control over the structure which can be achieved not only through the effects of the steel chemistry, but also the thermal or thermomechanical history followed in processing. The heat treatment of steels is a very well-grounded metallurgical science utilizing advanced processing technologies to target design requirements for product properties, characteristics, and quality.

In the upcoming White Paper, we hope to provide a background of the basics in the heat treatment of steels, towards understanding the potential for providing a quality cost-effective solution to meet the needs of engineered designs.

We’ll focus on cast steels, as they offer the capability of producing high-performance quality parts with complex geometries at a lower cost than fabricated counterparts.

Stay tuned to read the full article, coming soon.

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