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Warehouse Challenges & Strategies for Overcoming Them

Accucam has managed a significant company evolution over the years. Along with that growth, comes the need for continuous improvement. As an integral part of our business, we are aware that our warehousing operations need to align with our growth and to efficiently serve our customers’ precision machining and casting needs.

Operating a warehouse can be a considerable task. Today we review some of the challenges Accucam Machining has encountered and a few strategies we have implemented.

Managing warehouse space/layout

Optimizing the use of space is critical. Using a warehouse execution system (WES) can help you identify the most frequently picked items and arrange storage locations to minimize the distance traveled for picking. Examining new racking and storage technology, such as a high-density automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), can also help you use your space more efficiently. At Accucam we have recently remodeled our storage facility to accommodate the growth in our business, applying principals from various systems.

Inventory management

Not surprisingly, one of the most significant challenge in a warehouse is focused on inventory; knowing, storing, and using what you have and at the right moment can be a complex process.  Inventory management is a top priority at Accucam. Some of the processes we use to manage  inventory accuracy are:

  • Using FIFO to rotate material (First In, First Out)
  • Utilize an A-B-C Cycle Count Process
  • Auditing inventory on a regular basis
  • Counting inventory annually
  • Adhering to revision control standards

Product picking optimization

Obviously, inefficient product picking wastes time—and costs you money. Accucam accurately documents and reviews current processes to highlight sources of inefficiencies and to improve warehouse processes by relocating product to allow for more efficient picking and packing processes. We have complimented this process by adding automation and technology that helps reduce movement and easily identify where product is stored by implementing barcode technology - fundamental in warehouses with modern automated systems.



One of the biggest challenges in a logistics chain is inferior communications, which compromises productivity. If everyone involved in supply chain decision making is united; planning and executing shipments can be seamless. Better communications between warehouse staff—many of whom are constantly on the move—can be achieved through adoption of the right software, and other tools, such as smartphones, two-way radios, wearable GPS devices and Manufacturing Execution Software.

Although Accucam utilizes communication tools and technologies, we believe face-to-face communication is a best practice and daily warehouse meetings are held where priorities and concerns are shared in order to solve logistics issues.

Satisfying customer expectations

Accucam’s logistics team works closely with our customers and prioritizes proper handling when packing customer products to ensure the highest quality standards are met. This is an expression of the continuous improvement principals that remain core values to Accucam on the road to world class key performance indicators (KPIs).

Accucam ensures your product is efficiently warehoused and inventory is managed. We are cognizant that one size does not fit all, and we focus on catering to the specific requirements of each individual customer.

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